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2015 : Release W.Victor-cd "Che bella cacofonia" in italy.

           Airplay on Italian national Radio Rai3.

           Video release “Sempre canto per Lei”.


2014 : Release fifth album of W.Victor "Che bella cacofonia".


2013 : Video release “Che Bella Cacofonia”, directed by Mathias van Gasse.


2012 : Video release “Polka Acapulko”, directed by Mathias van Gasse.

           Composition “Autorit” for the movie “Het varken van Madonna”.


2011 : Cd-release “ROTTO”, the fourth album of W.Victor, produced by Roel Poriau.


2009 : W.Victor video “Chasse (tirer la)”, directed by Gino Conjaerts.


2008 : Release W.Victor′s third album “Hotel International”


2007 : Producing albums: Equinox The Peacekeeper, Circle Bar T (ex Noordkaap)


2006 : Release of third video single “Execute” by Falconetti.

          Release of W.Victor′s 2nd CD “European Pictures”.


2005 : “Love songs out of tune” debut album of W.Victor, on the label Taikonaut.

           “On a bright summer′s day” gets lot′s of airplay on Radio 1.

           The cd is “album of the week” on Radio Flanders International.

           W.Victor reaches the finals of Belgosong, a song contest for “The Greatest Belgian”, 

           with the song “Une ballade pour toi”, a tribute to Jacques Brel.


2004 : Falconetti releases two video singles: “Hombre Kannibal” and “Johnny Dee”.


2003 : Cd-release “Spoedgevallen” of Schwarzwaldklinik, by Haiku records.

           W. composes the score of the short film “A piece of Cake” by Pieter de Graeve.


2001 : W. composes the score of the short film “Vincent” by Gert Embrechts.

           Start of the studio project Falconetti with Mario Conjaerts and Mario Vaerewijck.


2000 : W. joins the band Schwarzwaldklinik.


1998 : Full-album “In Heaven” by Virginia Woolf is released, 


1997 : Mini-cd “Overboard” is released by Donor-music.

           W. works with Peter Vermeersch on Think Of One′s debut album “Juggernaut”

           and contributes to the score of the VRT-series “Terug naar Oosterdonk”.


1996 : Milk the Bishop splits: frontman Armand Bourgoignie joins Mad Dog Loose

           and Joost Zweegers starts with Novastar.

           W. starts "Virginia Woolf" with piano player Dirk Sels.


1994 : MTB′s CD “People′s Popsicle”, produced by Wouter Van Belle, label Double T.

           Five singles follow, including the hitsingle “Malibu”.

           W. tours for a short period with K′s Choice around England.

           W. performs occasionally solo gigs as “W.Victor”.


1993 : W. joins the band Milk The Bishop.

          “Asshole”, the first single from MTB, receives widespread airplay.


1991 : The Survivors of the Titanic don′t survive and split.


1990 : Together with saxophone player Johan “Peppie” Pepermans

           and clarinet player “Chris de Bie”, W. goes to the States,

           Mexico and Guatemala.

           As “The Popes” they manage to survive for half a year.


1989 : Release of the vinyl album “Kings & Queens”.

           Second vinyl single “Whistle whistle blow”.


1988 : The Survivors of the Titanic reach the semi-finals of Humo′s Rock Rally

           and the band signs a recording deal with Kafka,

           the record label of producer Jan Verheyen (Scooter, Catalog of cool).

           The first single “Take an animal in the house” is released.


1986 : Back in Belgium, Bart & W. start the band The Survivors of the Titanic.


1985 : Bart B. and W. leave Belgium and end up in Australia. 

           They make recordings and play in the Melbourne concert scene.


1983 : Together with guitar player Bart Bolsens, W. struggles through some local bands.


1980 : As a very young drummer, W. already hit the stage together with his older

           brother : boogie-woogie piano player “Swingin′ Floyd”.

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